Elite Oncology Solutions has established our presence throughout the Radiation Oncology Vertical nationally and with strategic partners globally. This experience along with our expertise allows us to both provide and place the finest quality solutions in the Radiation Oncology Industry.

We offer a variety of options to streamline, optimize and enhance organizations strategically. We understand that we are working in a challenging environment and our role as the client liaison has one goal in place and that is to fulfill the needs of our client.

We use a collaborative approach that satisfies both internal and external customer relationships while promoting and upholding our company values, integrity, reputation, and culture

Our goal is not only to provide solutions but to persuasively educate the value of using Elite Oncology Solutions as platform to enhance or streamline your current situation.

We want you to know that we understand the problems and needs that you are facing both organizationally and clinically.  The resources and partnerships we offer will allow us to implement the right solution that works best for you or your organization.

Our solutions target the areas of Clinical Operations, Technology, and the Business Unit Strategy. Our strength is to provide strategic guidance and advisory services to organizational leaders, facilities, and cancer clinical treatment centers.

We want to partner with you to offer project management to align with your clinical business unit strategy. Our knowledge of annual appropriations and midterm business plan and submissions will assist with our solution.

Our team has experience in risk assessment analysis with a solid understanding of business and financial markets and the ability to stay abreast on issues and current trends as they relate to the world of Clinical Radiation Oncology, Medical Physics and Dosimetry.

We offer Complete Radiation Oncology Solutions for your organization including permanent, locum or remote professionals in the areas of Physics, Dosimetry, Leadership (Interim & Elite Search) as well as Physicians. We provide the finest quality talent so you can offer the highest quality treatment and care for your patients.

Elite Oncology Solutions, The Complete Radiation Oncology Solution.